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Shelby's First Hometown Brewery

Black Fork Brewing

Turning a dream into a reality often involves a journey of transformation and determination!

The Brew Master
In 2009, our Brew Master (and son), Andy King was first introduced to beer making on a coworker’s front porch. The location was affectionately termed “the Union Street Brewery”. They discussed the flavors and the textures and how everything works together to create each individual expression. Andy was enthusiastic after making his first Chocolate Porter! In 2010 Andy’s beer making hobby turned into a passion where he increased his capacity to produce beer for his brother’s wedding, the chocolate porter and a blonde ale were served to over 100 people. Both beers were delicious, and Andy was hooked for life as a home brewer. Fast forward to summer and fall 2021, many beers, many recipe conversions and an attention to individual crafting with a home-made brew cart later, Andy’s individual passion changed to a passion to make quality craft beer for others to enjoy.

The Building

The barn type structure, with cupolas and a wraparound porch to welcome people came from a hand drawn picture scribbled on paper. That picture was taken to the architect and the building was born. While the outward look of the building has not changed from its first dreamed inception, the proposed locations have. Over the course of six- nine months, we looked at six different locations to house the brewery, but each time the door to those locations closed. When we were presented with the current location as an option, we began to dream about what could be. We hope when you walk into Black Fork Brewing, you will feel the down-home and welcoming vibes that come from living in a small town. It is our family’s desire, that you will want to bring your family to enjoy craft beer in a family friendly and open atmosphere. Now that the building is well underway, we are so excited for our dream to become our reality!

The Name


The Black Fork River brings negative thoughts for many residents and for the town of Shelby because of flooding. However, for our family the Black Fork River has also provided times of joy. Beth Potter King grew up on Central Avenue, now known as Black Fork Street. She grew up playing in the creek with neighborhood friends, looking for crawdads, fishing, finding treasures and playing in the water. Our sons, Andy and Brad grew up in Ganges Ohio. The Black Fork River meanders its way through Ganges as well. When Andy and Brad were young, they spent many hours with neighborhood friends in the shallow waters of the Black Fork, catching crawdads, fishing, and wading in the waters. For us, the Black Fork brings to mind the nostalgia of when things were simpler, and time moved more slowly. The Black Fork River has been an integral part of Shelby. We hope Black Fork Brewing will also become an integral part of Shelby where families and friends gather and share great times.

We are reminded that turning dreams into reality takes time and effort. We have been patient and persistent, and we have enjoyed the journey! We look forward to where that journey will take us with all of you by our side!


Gary and Beth King
Andy and Lisa King

Andy King Brew Master
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